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If you're a Mudvayne fan, as I am, and plan on attending any of their upcoming concerts, have some respect for the other bands playing. Mudvayne is headlining, so if you don't want to see the other bands, don't show up until they're about to go on. If you do stay to see the other bands & think they suck, that's fine. You're entitled to your opinion, but don't be childish about it. Throwing things at the stage & starting fights in the crowd only shows how immature you are & it accomplishes nothing.

I'm going to one of the shows next month & can't wait to see my 2 favorite bands playing together on the same night. I hope none of the childish crap that's been going on at the past couple shows takes place there.

Go to the shows to enjoy the music. If you're not enjoying it, go to the bar & have a couple drinks... or wait patiently 'til the band you want to see is up.
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