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please, HELP!!!

Rock/metal music fans:
DON'T PASS THIS UP!!! PLEASE, you won'r regret it.

Your help is needed. This messaage is to try to get the word out and help out an absolutly fantastically great New Orleans band. Downshift, heard of them? Well now you have and chances are if you like rock/metal music you may hear a lot from them as things appear to be blowing up for them. They have been described from sounding anything from Sevendust, to Korn, to Switched, to Element Eighty, to Ill Nino, and so much more; but one thing for certain is that they range everywhere from energetic, emotional, melodic, hard core music that will blow you away.

This is how you can help. Go to http://www.myspace.com/downshiftnola and just check out the free music there, if you like it show your support and help pass it on. Post this same message anywhere you can. Download and burn the songs and pass it out to anyone you thing would like like it. But we are resonable and understand that it might not be your thing or maybe you just dont like (not many people do though). If you dont like, let it be known. All input it valued and we thank you for whatever you can do. While your on the site you can check out some other really talented artists as well. you can also check out Downshift's website at www.downshiftnola.net .

With your help we can really make things happen, so please, help support the some really good underground music.

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